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If you’ve got a problem with me, tell me.

Letting me sit there like a clueless idiot isn’t going to help anyone.

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Anonymous said: do u miss me as much as i miss u?


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Depression doesn’t just come and go. It stays with you, like a weight, pressing down on you constantly. You can muster all your strength to hold that weight up, at least for a little while when you’re around others, but how long can you endure it before it comes crashing down? A week, a day, a few hours while you’re at school? See, depression isn’t simple sadness. Depression changes you, changes everything around you. Nothing feels right. All your emotions blur into a confusing numbness. You can’t feel anymore. You don’t know why, there is no reason, or maybe theres just too many reasons, and you begin to feel hopeless. Its all routine. You don’t care anymore, not about people, places, things, the future, life itself. You want to care, so much, but you just can’t. I just can’t. And I hate it.

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Anonymous said: do you like anyone outside of your school?


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The reason why I'm failing school:

truer than you’d think….

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